Redefining Reality. Sustainable Solutions.

Making nation's defense more efficient. Powering the world with sustainable energy. Redesigning the visual imagery. Pioneering Ai through Organic and Collective Intelligence. Creating better sea worthy connections. At Aggu Labs, we work every day to redefine reality by creating sustainable solutions for our every day problems.

In partnership with the Dyma Works, we deliver outcomes by mapping science to customer value, accelerating differentiated, cost-effective technology into your products and exploring the edge of technical feasibility. These advancements, we strongly believe, will lead us, you and the earth into a sustainable future.

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Back Story

Why we started, what we started is a fascinating inspiration for a six year old waiting for her comic book hero to save her from the evil nuisances of the Cockroach King. But either way let us get you indulged in it. When every thing was fast becoming internet-of-things, there was an optimal question of - World got 'internet' covered, how about 'things'? Things were there, but not good enough. Just as a showcase merchandise of the internet. Now you understand there is a need of 'things' in near future. So where there is a need there is a way. A way to make this falling sector sustainable. If you have kept up with us and have read till here, you might probably have to have a look at our current openings, we would like to have you in our team.

Job Openings


Shriram Thirukkumaran

Research Head

Shriram Thirukkumaran is the Head of Research - Mechanical. Prior to Aggu Labs, he founded end-to-end Digital Platform - Aggu Media, focusing on total digital life cycle environment. He is also the member of BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) Govt. of India. His works are based on the philosophy to redefine the reality of the every day problems through sustainable solutions. Shriram's work typically sits at the intersection of technology, people and complex organizational systems. As an engineer and avid quantum noob he explores True Ai and sustainable energy sources.
He is currently pursuing Doctorate in Advanced Physiscs (Quantum Hyperlooping). He has led and managed several collaborations with field partners in Product Development and Aerospace Domains.


Poornima Mahesh

Research Head - Electrical

Karthikeyan Marimuthu

Research Head - Testing & Analysis

Anton Bright Thomson

Senior Software Principal

Anantha Narasimhan

Senior Researcher - Mechanical


Dutta Dev Banerjee

MD, InfoCon Pvt. Ltd.

Subramaniam Ramadorai

Chairman, TATA Advanced Systems

Madhur Deora

CFO & SVP, Paytm

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