Why We?

We focus on research and development of technologies as sustainable solutions. Our state-of-the-art design and analysis approach helps us to bridge the gap between R & D, Engineering and Production.

Have you ever fantaised about weilding a freeze gun and send a sounding rocket to a nearby continent and be alive enough to gloat about it on your Facebook wall. Ha! You are where you want to be; just a couple of more interactions before you get your own personal customisable bot. Did we mention it goes out on frat parties. Such fun. Much frolic.

And do you also think your so-called engineering skills are not utilised to the fullest? Come on it never will be.

Current Openings

Senior Researcher - Mechanical  See Job Description
Senior Researcher - Electrical & Electronics   See Job Description
Senior Software Architect   See Job Description
Executive Engineer - Mechanical   See Job Description
Executive Engineer - Electrical & Electronics   See Job Description
Executive Engineer - Information & Infrastructure   See Job Description
Executive Engineer - Testing   See Job Description
Analyst - Finance & Strategy   See Job Description