It begins with ideas — ideas based in purpose

"An agency’s work should speak for itself. Did it deliver on its objectives? Did it break through in the market? Did people vote with interest, conversation, interaction or purchase? Was it beautiful? That’s what really matters"

Our Philosophy

It’s not about the ability to generate or analyze reams of data or conduct hundreds of experiments & tests. Smart design requires inputs and information for sure, but the best strategy behind research is all about collection and collaboration—of people, talents, ideas, perspectives. It’s about truly seeing vs. just looking. It’s about being curious about what you’re seeing, what it means or what it could mean if used in a new way or combined with other ideas or postulates. It takes a certain appetite and ability to digest.
Honestly, it’s simple. To be successful, one must deliver truth and unique beauty. To break through, product design must deliver creative differentiation while maintaining relevancy with production environment.

As with any well-formed point of view, there’s a process to follow in research. Again, it’s a simple process. It begins with collecting as much input as you can regarding a particular subject and understanding the context of the world in which that product or service will exist and compete. It’s about looking for gaps in the ideation where others haven’t thought to venture. It’s about finding the truth of an idea, where they’ve come from and what they’re capable of. And then it’s about organizing and mixing ideas and probable elements to deliver a succinctly meaningful output

At Aggu Labs, we use our craft wisely, to solve real world problems, to deliver a means to help people find sustainable products and solutions that are uniquely well-suited to make their lives a little better every day. That’s what research is for us.

Our Research Domains

True Ai

Real stakes of Ai through Organic & Collective Intelligence. Deep Embeded Machine Learning

Sustainable Energy

Appending sustainable energy sources at micro level. Bio - Hybrid, Wind & Energy servers


Wi-Fi over long distance. Invisible data flow stronger and speeder than conventional connections

Video & Imagery Processing

Re-inventing the wheel of visual imagery.Bi-liner vectorisation and no res. video encoding