MetAi(Metamorphosis Enabled Ai) Bots

It is a system of network of mini bots based on local decision-making between each bot. The system creates continuous forming structures, never in finite form always in formation, changing consistently according to its population. Every individual bot can take its own decisions and has the ability to climb, roll and change its shape according to the system’s needs. Computational and physical strategies of self-assembly were developed which demonstrate the ability of the single bot and the collective. The system is able to show mobility in two scales, local and global and as an outcome the structure will constantly reconfigure.

Energy Box

It is developed to be a sustainable domestic hybrid energy source, even where natural and traditional sources of electricity has failed. It is an amalgamation of various hybrid, clean, renewable energy harvesters all put in one single box. It can sustain electricity production to meet a bare domestic household consumption 24/7 even at very minimal natural avialablity of renemwable energy sources, at any given instant

Awww. We got some really nasty projects in our garage to show you

But doing research is like painting an abstract art that is modern, if you peek it while its half done all you will see is just a couple of spillage. You have to wait till its done to completely understand. (Pst! Did you know? You won't see art in a modern art even after its completed)

But we are shinobi; who though live in dark but wont shy away when comes to show down. We have always comitted to open and inclusive research practices. Our projects will be open for global partonage except for a few mind numbing technologies. Its good to have some up your sleeve.

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